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  • How does it work?
    Port has a network of Remote Guides around the globe. Through the Port website you can book a Remote Guide anywhere in the world. The Remote Guide will turn on a video call and you can either enjoy the entertainment or get things done, just like as if you're there! In this way, Port allows people to be in places around the world that they otherwise couldn't have gone to. See available Remote Events or Remote Tours
  • Is Remote the same as Virtual?
    No, remote is not the same as virtual. Although the industry is young and terms are being used interchangeably. For some people, any type of experience through your screens is considered "virtual". However, virtual implies that it is a simulated environment, while remote is real. Just like remote work is not called virtual work: it's actual work, not a simulation. Port gives you the experience of being at a place through live, interactive video calls. The environment and the guide is not simulated. You can react to the environment you are walking in with the Remote Guide in real-time.
  • What is the difference between Remote Event and Remote Travel?
    Port gives you the experience of being at a place through live, interactive video calls. For Remote Event, you can book a Remote Guide and visit venues to get your job done. There is no fixed itinerary so the session is led by you. You instruct the guide where to go and what to do. Attending an exhibition to explore booths and exchange business cards can be one example. For Remote Tour, you book a tour of the city you would like to experience. The itinerary is fairly fixed, however, the tour is flexible as the guests are able to interact with the guide in real-time. Engagement with the guide and the environment is what makes it more enjoyable! So, If you need to visit a venue and instruct a guide where to go and what to do, use Remote Events. If you would like to just chill and interact with other guests, guides, and the environment in the city you are intersted in, use Remote Tours.
  • Where can I find the photos that I have taken during the Event/Tour?
    If you have taken photos during the session or if the guide takes or shares a photo, these photos will appear in your Photo Gallery inside your account. To reach your Photo Gallery, please click here. To reach your Photo Gallery on our mobile app. Go to your profile and tap on the Photo Gallery.
  • Will I get motion sickness?
    We have done many pilots and got no complaints of motion sickness. Our Remote Guides are trained to be cautious in their filming and will try to film as smooth and as pleasantly as possible. Some of our Remote Guides will be using a mobile stabilizer as well to increase the smoothness of the video. Port is not the same as VR, where you need to put on VR goggles. These indeed could give you motion sickness. With Port, it is just like video calling with a friend.
  • Can I pay with credit card?
    Yes, you can pay with credit card
  • Can the Remote Guides buy things for me?
    Currently it not possible yet for the Remote Guide to buy things for you. But this feature is in the planning.
  • How can I become a Remote Guide?
    Happy to hear you are considering to become a Remote Guide! Please sign up in the application below. To apply as a Remote Event guide Click here To apply as a Remote Tour guide Click here
Port Expo FAQ
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