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I went to the VR/AR Expo in Seoul while being in Singapore. It helped me understand the latest applications of VR/AR to education in Korea and I even met a couple of potential partners. The guide was great in translating everything and giving me context. Two thumbs up, this is a new way to do business in the time of Covid-19 and beyond.

Alvin Lee


Now piloting in Seoul and Taipei

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Request a Port guide that goes on your behalf and attend through a live video call.  Stop missing out on events, festivals, conferences and friend's gatherings because you couldn't fly there. Know what's going on and be part of the conversation.

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Control the things you see, even if you're on the other side of the world. Things that are happening right now or research and reporting that needs eyes - have a Port guide do a live video call for you within the hour and be effective on a global level.

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Do a check of an apartment, or inspect a workplace environment without going to the destination. Request a Port guide so you can tour and check at your own pace with an unbiased view and save time.

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