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This is a live video call tour directly with Shailesh in Dharavi, Mumbai, the third biggest slum in the world. It has a population of 1 million people and Shailesh calls it a "mini-city" (only in Indian terms a city with 1 million people can be called mini). The Dharavi slum is also where they shot Slumdog Millionaire, the 8 time Oscar winning movie. 


Shailesh grew up in the Dharavi slum and will show you around and tell you how it is to be living there. He will start at the entrance and walk through the slum to his own house passing the shops, the food stalls and the slum workplaces like the kiln for pottery.  At the end, you will be able to see the inside of a slum house as Shailesh will give you a tour of his own house, that he shares with his parents and wife. 

Be prepared to get an exclusive real-time video call experience of walking inside a slum in Mumbai, India guided by someone who grew up there. This is a live video call directly with Shailesh, so you can ask and speak to him directly during the tour.


See you on this amazing trip! 

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Life in Slumdog Millionaire's Dharavi Slum

Mumbai, India 🇮🇳   

Live video call on your phone or computer

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With Indian remote guide Shailesh 

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1 hour + Q&A

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$175 / private group

(Invite up to 15 people)

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Exclusive inside view of the slum and houses

Ask for recommendations in Mumbai

Live call with someone who grew up there

Invite friends and family around the globe to join you

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This is a video call livestream from the guide in Mumbai.

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Your remote guide

Mystical Mumbai Shailesh

My name is Shailesh and my friends and family use me as a human search engine for all things Mumbai-related. We are proud to live here, and we really enjoy showing off the city to visitors. Being able to tell people about Mumbai's facts and figures is great fun.


Lots of interaction on this walking excursion will make it more interesting. I grew up in the slums in Mumbai and will share with you many great stories.

Niklas from Frankfurt, Germany.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Nov 2020

The guide was very friendly and was answering all the questions!

$175 / private group

(Invite up to 15 people)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  (1 review)