5 Ways To Find Travel Buddies Online

Traveling around the globe to far and exotic destinations can be a difficult decision, especially if no one wants to go with you. While solo traveling has its many benefits, it’s often nice to have company with you to explore new places with. However, meeting up with a complete stranger from the internet entails its own risks, from concerns about safety and trust, to having very different expectations. I’ve put together a list of online platforms to help you seek travel buddies and vet them before you embark on your next adventure!

1. Reddit Travel Partner

Travel Partners is a community of thrill seekers seeking travel buddies to explore the world with! Visited by thousands of users everyday, Reddit is already a great site to find activity groups in different cities all around the world. Additionally, it is worth skimming through the Travel Partners subreddit and exploring the limitless travel itineraries that travel enthusiasts have posted online, in hopes of finding a travel companion to accompany them on it. 

2. Facebook groups

Not only is Facebook a great way to keep in touch with travel companions you’ve made along your journeys, but it is also a convenient place to find new ones! Facebook - the granddaddy of networking sites - is a great starting point for you to build your network of a global travel community. It is as simple as searching “Travel Groups” and finding an endless list of travel communities - some specialised, like for Photographers & Travel Nomads or The Solo Female Traveler, and others for the average traveller, like Backpackers Public Group or Travel Buddies Public Group. Once you’ve explored your options and found your niche, joining the right group of like-minded people is a first step in the right direction.

3. Thorntree - Lonely Planet forum 

Another great avenue that calls themself the place for travellers to share experiences -   the Thorn Tree community. Put aside time to explore the forum by endless characteristics like country or interests. This platform is for the resilient, open-minded, and above all, adventurous traveller.

4. Travellerspoint Travel Community

In addition to being able to map out your plans, creating your own travel blog, booking accommodations and other services, Travellerspoint brings together a community of people with whom you can connect with on their active travel forums. Be part of an avid traveller’s community and forge meaningful connections once you’ve skimmed through their endless forums. 

5. The Port App

Since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world, many avid travellers have had to put their next adventure on hold. Port has devised a feasible solution for us globetrotters to continue with our endeavour to visit places, explore cultures and meet new people - all from the comfort of their own home. In addition to the ability to enjoy virtual, interactive travel experiences, you also have the opportunity to meet other sociable travellers with whom you can forge meaningful and lasting relationships. Additionally, if you are looking to share travel experiences with long distance travellers, friends and family, Port allows you to travel to Amsterdam or Budapest and back, in just one hour! 

In seeking new adventures with new people, it’s important to find like-minded people within the same age group, and to be honest about your intentions and travel style. Port allows you to virtually connect with tourers all around the globe and in doing so, seek your future travel companion!