Video call your personal guide at events and venues around the world. Port gives you a set of eyes and hands on location and is made to help you get things done effectively from home.

Your remote guide at exhibitions around the world




Get an extra pair of eyes and hands 


Port gives you a set of eyes and hands on location so you can be more efficient with your time and get access to more places. Whether it's trade shows, inspections or retail research.

Plan for a visit as you normally would. You can select the companies you want to see upfront, or just direct the guide during your session. 

With Port, you can walk at an expo in Dubai in the morning and inspect a location in Taipei in the afternoon - all from your home or office.

Have your own personal bilingual guide on site


All guides are trained by Port and bilingual so they can help you speak with exhibitors in foreign countries.


Guides will be matched with you depending on your industry and requirements and you have the option to brief them beforehand. 

All guides are under strict confidentiality agreements so your privacy is protected.



Buyer in UK visits AI EXPO trade show in South Korea using Port


hours spent at event


Korean AI companies explored


exhibitors spoken to


follow up meetings between buyer and exhibitors after event


time and budget saving compared to flying to destination

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Save time and money 

Overseas business travels to events and site visits are time consuming, especially if you have to send out a whole team.


With Port you can visit locations together using our guide on the ground and the team can discuss directly what they're seeing.

Exhibitors at the event will already be briefed that you're coming to visit them to make your session efficient and productive.


Be in remote control

Video call directly with guides through the Port platform and use our smart remote control features in real-time so you won't miss a thing. 

Easily snap a photo of important insights and contacts and it's automatically saved to your Port photo album.

Available for web browser, iOS and Android

Alvin Lee

Business development in Edtech


"I went to the VR/AR Expo in Seoul while being in Singapore. It helped me understand the latest educational applications of VR/AR in Korea and I even met a couple of potential partners. The guide was great in translating everything and giving me context. Two thumbs up, this is a new way to do business in the time of Covid-19 and beyond."

Business Meeting

Event organizer or corporate travel planner?


Use Port in your organization and empower your event and staff with remote travel. Save time and cost while increasing productivity.



"We could access something we probably could not have in person."


"Great to participate in more conferences"


"Two thumbs up, this is a new way to do business in the time of Covid-19 and beyond."


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