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offline events and trade shows

  • 59th World Franchise Expo 2021

    Seoul, Feb 25 - 27



  • 2021 Taipei Int'l Buddhism, Tea, Vegetarian Expo

    Taipei, Feb 26 - Mar 01



  • 31th Taipei Int'l Furniture Expo & Home Art Taipei 2021

    Taipei, Feb 26 - Mar 01



  • AI Expo Korea 2021

    Seoul, Mar 24 - 26



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tours and sightseeing

  • Port-venice-remote-tour.jpg

    Discover Venice off the beaten path

    Venice, Italy



  • Port Taipei Food.jpeg

    Turn back in time to Taipei's Old Town

    Taipei, Taiwan



  • Experience downtown Yangon

    Yangon, Myanmar



  • Drive along the stunning Cape Town coast

    Cape Town, South Africa



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did a walking tour in Cape Town


For 90 minutes, we were in South Africa! The tour with the lovely guide was the next best thing to travel.  From our sofa, we got to see and learn a lot about a fascinating part of the world we’ve never been to, we also got to discuss English football teams with a fisherman in Kalk Bay Harbour!  The Cape Town Coastline tour was a truly unique and memorable experience.


attended exhibition in Seoul 


I went to the VR/AR Expo in Seoul while being in Singapore. It helped me understand the latest applications of VR/AR to education in Korea and I even met a couple of potential partners. The guide was great in translating everything and giving me context. Two thumbs up, this is a new way to do business in the time of Covid-19 and beyond.

Loved by leisure and business travelers alike


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