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remote traveled to Taiwan 


I love to travel and discover new places. Taking a remote online tour was new for me, but I really enjoyed it! Our guide was entertaining and knew a lot. While being at home it felt like I was in Taipei for a moment. Definitely recommended!


remote traveled to South Africa


For 90 minutes, we were in South Africa! The tour with the lovely guide was the next best thing to travel.  From our sofa, we got to see and learn a lot about a fascinating part of the world we’ve never been to, we also got to discuss English football teams with a fisherman in Kalk Bay Harbour!  The Cape Town Coastline tour was a truly unique and memorable experience.


remote traveler from Turkey


If you are fond of traveling, this will meet your expectations. Our Korean tour guide showed us some historical landmarks in the city. We also roamed around Namdaemun Market and saw local street vendors. It was like walking on Seoul streets with a friend.

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Why Port remote travel experiences?

We can't always travel. And right now we shouldn't even leave our homes. That doesn't mean you cannot experience places and events around the world.

Experience destinations at home like never before

Be at places you've always wanted to visit. With Port, you can experience it as if you're strolling alongside a friend.

Preview a place before going

Trip planning is a fun but sometimes tedious process where you don't know for sure what to expect. Wit Port, you get a real-time walkthrough guided by a local.

Long-distance friends and family experience sharing

If you have friends, family or a relationship that is long-distance, Port is great way to still travel together and keep making memories together. 

Live video call with a local expert

Want to know something about a destination from a local? With Port, you can talk directly with local guides and ask any questions or recommendations.

On-to-go walk, bike or drive tours

Port remote tours are on-the-go tours just like you would experience it if you would be on location. Port tours are not given from home behind the computer.

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