Your remote guide around the world


Video call your personal guide at events and venues around the world. Port gives you a set of eyes and hands on location and is made to help you get things done effectively from home.


"We could access something we probably could not have in person."


"Great to participate in more conferences"


"Two thumbs up, this is a new way to do business in the time of Covid-19 and beyond."


Get more done from home through Port's global network of guides

Port helps you to overcome travel restrictions and enables you to achieve your goals through a video call with your personal guide on site. You instruct the guide what to do and who to speak to.

"Top 12 travel startup to look out for in 2021"


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Why choose Port?

Become a highly effective global worker with Port. Whether it's trade shows inspections or retail research. The more you use the platform, the more efficient our guides become in knowing what you need.
The leading remote travel platform
The first platform to integrate online state-of-the-art video conferencing with offline mobile guides on location. 
The largest network of remote guides
All guides are trained, bi-lingual and personal to you. They are briefed about you and your company so you can get started right away.
First site visit solution for remote teams
Attend events together and discuss what you see directly with colleagues who join you from different locations. 

Timotius Andrean

Krista Exhibitions Manager


"It was a great experience to do the session at International Medical Expo Korea and the guide has been great to me. I got all the information I needed and the guide was communicative and helpful. There is no downside at all. The platform itself is revolutionary to me and I recommended it to my colleague."

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Get super powers with the Port platform

Everything is designed for you to be in full control so you get the best return on every minute spent.
Just book and a guide appears. Like magic.
Tap a button and on the other side of the globe someone is at your service waiting for your instructions.
Be in remote control 
Use our smart remote control features and control the camera's direction, zoom and screen annotations in real-time so you don't miss a thing. 
Save what is important
Easily snap a photo of important insights and contacts and it's automatically saved to your Port photo album.
Available on all platforms
Use the web version in your computer browser with no installation necessary or download for iOS and Android if you're on the go.
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Event organizer or corporate travel planner?


Use Port in your organization and empower your event and staff with remote travel. Save time and cost while increasing productivity.


Port is your secret weapon to get ahead of your competitors.


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