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Inspire children outside of class

Go on a remote school trip and provide children with new experiences beyond their routine online classes.

Now needed more than ever

Online classes deprive children from important educational and cultural activities like visits to museums, zoos and historical sites. With remote school trips, we bring that back and help make remote classes as rewarding as possible.

Loved by children and parents

Children will be engaged through an interactive experience with the tour guide. 

Go anywhere in the world, attend from home.

Children can attend from their computers while sitting at home.

Port Video Platform

Our video platform is reachable from any browser and has integrated on-screen features to create an interactive experience.

Custom Tours

Next to our standard school trips we can work with the teacher to offer customized remote trips. Reach out for more information.

English Learning

Hearing stories and asking questions during school trips is a great way to learn a language. All trips are in English.

Let's create a better future of learning

If you are interested in offering remote school trips at your school, please get in touch through 

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