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Porter Mode:

Free Roaming

We call our remote travelers Porters. They move on your behalf. In free roaming mode, the Porter will not speak and is not a tour guide. You have full control and freedom to command the Porter where to go and what to do. Imagine controlling a game character. You can give commands to the Porter by voice or the navigation buttons. But there are rules, the Porter cannot do anything that is illicit, dangerous and inappropriate. 

These are the actions the Porter can do:

WALK - walk in any direction, streets, parks, buildings or shops. 

LOOK - turn the camera to look at something specific

GRAB - pick something up or grab something

LISTEN - move closer to hear better, ambient sound is on by default

VISIT - visit non-public sites like museums (tickets not included) 

SPEED - different walking speeds: slow, normal, fast

AUTO - randomly walk around or go to a location on its own

Not available yet:

TAKE - take a bus, train, taxi or ride a bike

TALK - communicate and interact with other people

EAT - order and eat food

BUY - buy things in shops that are shipped to you afterwards

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